I’ve always been a problem solver.

My favorite projects have always been the ones where we had to find clever ways to work around “impossible” problems. And I’ve always had an intuitive way around technology. So I consider it extremely fortuitous that I landed in the e-commerce (online stores) industry around October of 2006.

As with most things technological, e-commerce has changed a lot in the past 13 years! The e-commerce platforms that are popular now are so feature-rich! And there are extensions and customizations. All these things make starting and running an online store easier than ever before.

But all the options and lingo can be a bit overwhelming for people who are not passionate and into this stuff every day.

There are so many websites out there that are scaring off customers, missing out on that relationship — and the sale — because their website is 5 or 10 years old. It’s out-of-date style gives it away. It’s no longer intuitive for today’s Amazon shopping experience.

That’s where we come in. We love to solve big problems. The bigger the better!

Let us help you upgrade your customer experience – your online store – and you will reconnect with your customers and have them engaging with you over and over.

Let us help you get this right.

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  • Upgrade your website to the most popular online marketing platforms
  • Performance Boosting Technology
  • Security Management
  • Usage tracking and analytics


  • We can migrate and manage an existing website in most cases
  • Server Security Management
  • Install website patches
  • Robust Hosting Solutions