Did you know this about Magento Development?

E-commerce platforms are the next big thing in the marketing industry. A good quality e-commerce site helps boosts your sales and brand. However, the e-commerce site needs to be attractive, with great features if you want to attract huge traffic.

Magento is the one that comes to your rescue here. It is one of the most famous open-source e-commerce development platforms with extensive capabilities. Currently, 171,885 websites are using Magento. Let me tell you that today’s IT industry is highly relying on Magneto due to its amazing features. 

Here are some interesting facts about Magento that you may not know.

  • Mystery Behind the name Magento 

When Magento first came into the picture in 2007, it was named Bento, but afterward, it faced some legal trouble and thus decided to switch to Magento. The logo for Magento was colored Magenta, which led to some beliefs that it was the inspiration for the new name. However, it was because the developers behind Magento thought Mages (the spell-casters from fantasy role-playing games) were cool.

It may sound like a reckless choice, but when you consider the incredible functionality of Magento development services and the revolutionary effect it has on Ecommerce, naming the platform after magic is appropriate.

  • Magento Offers the Best of Themes 

If you are thinking of developing your site from scratch, the Magento platform is a perfect choice. Product photographs, descriptions, transparent pricing, delivery information & return policies are most likely on your mind.

No web store is complete without a user-friendly design. Magento provides so many customized options to choose from. Magento eCommerce platform provides thousands of themes. It allows the developers to create a site giving it their personal touch.

  • 5000 Software are downloaded each day

Magento broke the record in the first year itself with more than 500,000 downloads. To date, the number continues to grow as the Magento installation package gets an incredible 5000 downloads per day. It is advised to download the software from the official website to avoid the risks of malicious viruses when downloading from external sites having links to pirate Magento.

If you need help with Magento installation and configuration, you may hire Magento 2 developers from a reputed Magento 2 development company for the required assistance.

  • Freedom to choose to host services:

Magento hosting plans provide the additional important business features eCommerce website needs like an SSL certificate & compatibility with third-party solutions used by businesses, such as email marketing & Google Analytics. 

  • Mobile-friendly Site

Magento development is best at adapting to mobile-friendly web design guidelines. The HTML5 platform is used in both the free community edition & the enterprise version of Magento to improve the mobile shopping experience. As a result, your eCommerce store will be optimized for mobile visitors.

With Magento mobile app, consumers who utilize their smartphones & mobile devices to connect anytime & anywhere will have a satisfying brand experience.


Magento is the most effective e-commerce platform. It has so many advanced features which will play an essential key in the growth of your business.