Questions to Ask a Magento Development Firm Before Hiring

Magento is one of the most famous open source e-commerce platforms. Due to its user-friendly interface and unique features, most companies use this platform to create their e-commerce site. However, to use this platform in the right way, you need to have experts by your side. You need to hire a good Magento e-commerce development company that will guide you to boost your business using this platform in the best possible way.

Your business can boost only if you partner with the right people. Choosing the right company can be a complex process as so many agencies out there promise to be good. How can you get the best one? Read this blog to hit the jackpot. Ask the following questions to the Magento development agency that you are considering hiring.

  • How many Certified Magento developers do you have in-house? 

Many times the agency hires freelancers for a certain project. You need to ask the company how many in-house Magento developers they have. It may so happen that you may end up liking a freelancer’s work and get your hopes high. It is best to hire an agency that has full-time experienced Magento developers working for them. You will get quality results from such an agency.

  • Who will write code for the site? 

Well, this is a very important question. Often, the agency makes the less experienced developer or even an intern write the site’s coding under the senior’s observation. This may be cost-effective for the company, but you will not want to ruin your website by coding some inexperienced person.

The quality of the code is important to maintain for the higher performance of the website. So, make it a priority to ask the agency about their coding standards. Better ask the agency to show the company’s coding standard. If the agency denies doing that or asks ‘what is that?’ it is a big red flag. You should never hire such a Magento e-commerce development company.

  • Can you list some of your firm’s B2B Magneto eCommerce achievements?

When you ask questions to a Magneto Development company, it is just like taking an interview of a potential candidate. So, don’t shy away from asking them about their achievements. The motive is to find out whether they have ever solved any critical issues of B2B e-commerce sites.

If the company can tell about the e-commerce sites they have worked for, you can easily go through their sites to see if they have delivered results.

  • How will I stay Updated about the Project?

Well-established companies have a project manager who will be the point of contact for everything related to the project. Ask the company you are considering hiring what they will do to keep you updated? 


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