Interesting Facts about Magneto E-commerce Platform

There are so many e-commerce sites on the internet. It is a cut-throat competition. However, there are many software options available the hosting your e-commerce site. If you are looking for the best one, the Magneto e-commerce platform is the one that is ruling the market. It is one of the most preferred e-commerce platforms. There are 190,749 live websites using the Magneto e-commerce platform when writing this blog. 

It is an overwhelming job to launch an e-commerce site, deal with traffic, and orders, and make sure that your site is visible. Managing an e-commerce site is a rollercoaster ride where you have to deal with so much even after the business is a success, like abandoned carts, customer service, and more. 

You can hire a Magento eCommerce development company to manage your e-commerce site in the smoothest way. You can focus on meeting other important objectives of the business. Here are some of the interesting facts about Magneto that will make you understand how it is the best e-commerce platform.

  • Magneto helps you develop a mobile-friendly e-commerce site.

As of 2016, mobile e-commerce sales have increased up to 72.9 percent. Not just that, Google has announced that the site’s responsiveness to the mobile will also influence its ranking. Thus, it is important to maintain the site on mobile in good shape if you do not want to lose out on a major chunk of potential customers. The best part about Magento is that it allows you to customize the site, which helps create a mobile-friendly site.

  • Magento is more popular than the word ‘e-commerce.’

According to Google searches online, since 2008, the Magento word has been more popular than the word ‘e-commerce.’ Yes, you heard that right. The search engine is used more to know about Magento rather than e-commerce.

  • Magento gets downloaded 5000 times every day.

Magento has launched in 2008 and holds a record of getting downloaded the highest number of times that year. Not just that, according to the official records of the platform, Magento is downloaded 5000 every day. These numbers are enough to describe the popularity of the Magento platform.

  • Magento is SEO friendly platform.

Search engine optimization is the key step in optimizing the website and improving its position in the search engine. Magento is designed keeping in mind the SEO guidelines. The in-build features and tools allow easy optimization of the e-commerce site. With Meta titles, tags, and descriptions, Magento adds all the components to your site to make it SEO friendly.

  • You can now customize the Security.

Magento is an open-source and flexible platform that allows its users to customize features as per their requirements. However, to avoid hacking mishaps, the software allows users to make the website more secure through customization.


Magento is no doubt the best e-commerce platform. All you need is a good Magento e-commerce development company like ‘Air Networks Inc,’ which will develop your e-commerce site, making it user-friendly and professional at the same time.